Financial wizardry for banks, with Professor Gurvinder Sandhu

By Soumik Dey Sep 12, 2022

Professor Sandhu got his first taste of ISB as an exchange student from the Melbourne Business School who finished Term 7 and Term 8 with the ISB class of 2009. “I experienced at the time that the rigor of the ISB PGP was no less than any other top MBA school. I had a great time and made many lifelong friends here,” said Professor Sandhu.

Professor Sandhu’s core research interest is banks and financial institutions. He created an index to measure how diversified banks are in their commercial loan portfolio. Gurvinder has vast teaching experience. He taught "Introduction to Financial Accounting" and "Cost Accounting" at The University of Texas at Dallas during his doctoral studies. Currently, he is teaching "Financial Statement Analysis" to the PGP class of 2023.

While there were many likely options to come and work in India for him, he shares that there has always been a special bond with ISB. “ISB attracted me in many ways. It is a top-notch research institute. It offers you incredible support in terms of research and teaching. The research ecosystem in ISB opens many doors for a young faculty,” said Professor Sandhu.

He shares that he is highly interested in doing banking-related research in India. “The Indian banking system has some unique challenges and opportunities. It offers ideal settings for researchers to ask fundamental questions in banking.”