Consumer insights and wellbeing, with Professor Poornima Vinoo

By Soumik Dey Sep 12, 2022

Poornima Vinoo, Assistant Professor of Marketing, hails from Hyderabad. She has an undergraduate degree in computer science from Osmania University, studied journalism at the Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, and is an ISB PGP Co’2009 alum. She completed her PhD from Western University, Canada.

Her research interests follow two streams: financial decision-making and disposal behaviour, aiming to improve consumer well-being. An experienced industry professional, she has worked across start-ups and business conglomerates for over ten years in multiple industries and roles.

Professor Vinoo said her research interests use qualitative interviews and dataset analyses to demonstrate real-world phenomena and experiments to provide evidence for the underlying psychological mechanisms driving consumer decision-making. “So far, my research has looked at how consumers make investment decisions for their retirement, decide to donate to a worthy cause, and why they choose moral rewards over financial rewards,” said Professor Vinoo. 

Her course will equip marketers with the essential skill of understanding consumer behaviour. Using the context of different industries, Professor Vinoo will teach relevant theories and findings in social psychology and behavioural economics and discuss how they can be applied to real-world scenarios.

She is excited about her teaching and upcoming research work at ISB. “ISB is a world-class institution for both research and education, and I’m delighted to be back home – to ISB and Hyderabad,” she said.