South India better equipped to deal with lockdown: ISB study

By Deccan Chronicle Apr 09, 2020

Companies in the peninsular part are better equipped to deal with prevailing conditions to adopt work-from-home practices.

Shekar Tomar of the ISB faculty of economics and public policy, who was one of the researchers, said, “Not just urban centres such as Hyderabad, Delhi or Bangalore but the entire peninsular south India scored high on WFH home index.”

Commenting on it further, Deepa Mani, a researcher and executive director of a research centre at ISB, said the two indices were used to create a third measure disruption index (DI) to assess the lockdown’s impact on a profession.

“When we say the disruption potential is high at a particular location, it means occupations and jobs there need higher human proximity and/or have lower WFH potential. There are more ‘value-added services’ in India (IT, ITES and other services), which have a higher WFH potential, predominantly based in south India,” she explained.