Rich water, poor people: Potential for transboundary flood management between Nepal and India

Volume 3, 2021 author:Nishikant Gupta, Santosh Dahal, Anil Kumar, Chandan Kumar, Mukul Kumare, Anil Maharjan, Dinesh Mishra, Abinash, Mohanty Allwyn Navaraj, Sanjay Pandey, Anjal Prakash, Eklavya Prasad, Kanchan Shrestha, Mandira Singh Shresthaa, Rajan Subedi, Toya Subedi, Rakesh Tiwary, Ramesh Tuladhar, Aparna Unni

Dark and bright spots in the shadow of the pandemic: Rural livelihoods, social vulnerability, and local governance in India and Nepal

VOL 141, May 2021 author: Divya Gupta, Harry Fischer, Suchita Shrestha, Syad Shoaib Ali, Ashwini Chhatre, Kamal Devkota, Forrest Fleischman, Dil B. Khatri, Pushpendra Rana

Engendering Climate Change : Learning from South Asia

March 2021 author: Asha Hans, Nitya Rao, Anjal Prakash and Amrita Patel

Coffee, Trees, and Labor: Political Economy of Biodiversity in Commodity Agroforests

author : Paul Robbins, Vaishnavi Tripuraneni, Krithi K Karanth and Ashwini Chhatre (2020)

Pitfalls of Tree Planting Show Why We Need People-Centered Natural Climate Solutions

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Making the post-2020 global biodiversity framework a successful tool for building biodiverse, inclusive, resilient and safe food systems for all

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Managing collaborative research: insights from a multi-consortium programme on climate adaptation across Africa and South Asia

October 1, 2020, author: Bruce Currie-Alder, Georgina Cundill, Lucia Scodanibbio, Katharine Vincent, Anjal Prakash & Nathalie Nathe

Editorial Mapping challenges for adaptive water management in Himalayan towns

author : Anjal Prakash & David Molden (2020)

Perform or wither: role of water users' associations in municipalities of Nepal

author : Sreoshi Singh, Krity Shresth., Menaka Hamal & Anjal Prakash (2020)

Issue Brief - Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus in Kosi River Basin

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Managing collaborative research: insights from a multi-consortium programme on climate adaptation across Africa and South Asia

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Global forest restoration and the importance of prioritizing local communities

August 2020 edition, co-author : Prof Ashwini Chhatre and Nabin Pradhan

Engendering Climate Change: Case studies from South Asia

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Retreating Glaciers and Water Flows in the Himalayas: Implications for Governance

Observer Research Foundation, a Delhi based thinktank, ORF Issue Brief No.400. , author : Prof Anjal Prakash (2020)

Less Rice, Please! The Food Solution for Climate Resilience

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A qualitative comparative analysis of women’s agency and adaptive capacity in climate change hotspots in Asia and Africa

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When the river talks to its people: Local knowledge-based flood forecasting in Gandak River basin, India

author : Amitangshu Acharyaa & AnjalPrakash (2019)

Cost effective adaptation to flood: sanitation interventions in the Gandak river basin, India

author : Purnamita Dasgupta, Samraj Sahay, Anjal Prakash & Arthur Lutz (2019)

Why India Needs a Unique Approach to Sustainability

Ecology, Economy and Society–the INSEE Journal 2 (2): 3–8, July 2019, author: Prof Ashwini Chhatre, Ruth DeFries.

Sensitivity of grain yields to historical climate variability in India

author : Kyle Frankel Davis, Ashwini Chhatre, Narasimha D. Rao, Deepti Singh, Ruth DeFries (2019)

Inadequate Zinc Intake in India: Past, Present, and Future

VOL 40 ISSUE 1, page(s): 26-40, author: Matthew R. Smith, Ruth DeFries, Ashwini Chhatre, Suparna Ghosh-Jerath, and Samuel S Myers (2019)

Gendered vulnerability and adaptation in Hindu-Kush Himalayas: Research insights

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Multiple drivers and pathways to China's forest transition

author : Lingchao Li, Ashwini Chhatre, Jinglong Liu (2019)

Assessing the sustainability of post-Green Revolution cereals in India

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Multi-scale Integrated River Basin Management from a Hindu Kush Himalayan Perspective, Resource Book, ICIMOD, Kathmandu

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Growing social vulnerability in the river basins: Evidence from the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) Region

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Impact of Historical Changes in Coarse Cereals Consumption in India on Micronutrient Intake and Anemia Prevalence

Food and Nutrition Bulletin August 1, 2018 Volume: 39 issue: 3, page(s): 377-392, author: Prof Ashwini Chhatre, Ruth DeFries, Kyle Frankel Davis, Arnab Dutta, Jessica Fanzo, Suparna Ghosh-Jerath, Samuel Myers, Narasimha D. Rao, Matthew R. Smith.

Alternative cereals can improve water use and nutrient supply in India

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Working governance for working land

Vol. 362, Issue 6420, pp. 1257, author : Daniel Brockington, William Adams, Bina Agarwal, Arun Agrawal, Bram Büscher, Ashwini Chhatre, Rosaleen Duffy, Robert Fletcher, Johan Oldekop (2018)

Participatory Transformation is the Key to Effective Administrative Reforms

Climate and Society: Beyond General Circulation Models VOL 4 ISSUE 2, JULY-SEP 2016, Mukesh Bisht

Capacity Building for Driving India’s Growth Momentum

VOL 3 ISSUE 3, OCT-DEC 2015, author: Prof Prajapati Trivedi

Minimum Government, Maximum Governance : From Rhetoric to Reality

VOL 3 ISSUE 3, OCT-DEC 2015, author: Mandar Kagade

Building a Monitoring and Evaluation System for Better Governance: Lessons for India from other Countries

OCT-DEC 2015, author: Prof Prajapati Trivedi Et Al.