About CBI

ISB's Centre for Business Innovation (CBI) is a research centre established to foster rigorous and relevant research and education on Business Innovation and Growth across varied sectors and industries. The Centre combines years of knowledge, experience, and practice in business innovation to advance and create a truly sustainable value.

At CBI, we believe that innovation is the mainstay of socio-economic and environmental advancement in today's volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

The Centre is focused on conducting intensive research on tools, structures, policies, models, mechanisms, and challenges to drive innovation across corporate, academic, and government ecosystems in Asia. It also aims to bring together eminent scholars and leading innovators from the world's most prominent organizations to create a unified platform for scientific research and progressive collaborations.

CBI aims to contribute to research on various aspects of business innovation increasingly. Helmed by Professor Rajendra Srivastava, CBI's primary goal is to blend theory and practice to create a hyper-active research and learning community of innovation practitioners, entrepreneurs, funders, policy-makers, and technologists. We intend to create a sustainable ecosystem of true value creation in innovation through research, outreach, and education activities. 


Knowledge: Creating and disseminating research-based insights in business innovation to support value migration and influence business practice and policy

Business Leadership: Promoting and implementing innovation in business and government through robust collaborative programmes

Community: Engaging vigorously with business, government, and civil societies to contribute to community development through innovations at the state, national, and global levels

Thought Leadership: Bringing together distinguished faculty from India and abroad to collaborate with ISB's resident faculty to develop distinctive research fora and promote education and executive programmes


Recognition: To be internationally recognized as a research-driven institute

Leadership: To be acknowledged as a centre of thought leadership and market insights related to the management of business innovation

Execution: To leverage emerging technologies and organizational transformation to enhance growth and resilience

Corporate Tie-ups


ISB Centre for Business Innovation brings to you the latest publications of our esteemed directors under the same roof.

These publications encompass years of academic and industrial expertise, useful for businesses and institutions alike.

Research Insights

Research Insights brings you the latest conferences, events and webinars conducted by the Centre.


The Centre for Business Innovation is supported by a dedicated and experienced team of research and managerial staff who contribute to the various research projects and outreach initiatives. The team consists of individuals from diverse academic and professional background, working in tandem.




ISB Institute of Data Science inks MoU with Telangana State Road Transport Corporation

ISB Institute of Data Science (IIDS) and Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has entered into an MoU at the Hyderabad Campus of ISB.

Jan 24, 2023



ISB Institute of Data Science inks MoU with Cyberabad Police to strengthen cyber security

The Indian School of Business (ISB) and the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) have entered into an MoU at the Hyderabad Campus of ISB.

Jan 12, 2023



Three-day ‘Public Policy Dialogues: Bridging Research and Practice’ begins

'Public Policy Dialogues: Bridging Research and Practice' commences at ISB Hyderabad campus. On the first day of this intellectual congregation, eminent academicians and practitioners from the public and private sectors, government, educational institutions, think tanks, and civil society organisations came together on one platform to generate new visions for policy evolution and development.

Jan 04, 2023