Upcoming Conference:

Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street 7

in Conjunction with the AMA Summer Educator Conference, Chicago

August 11-12, 2022


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ISB is proud to host the next instalment of the Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street Conference from August 11th (Thursday) to August 12th (Friday), 2022.

The conference "Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street" is a very successful conference that attracted approximately 200 researchers from all over the world beginning with the 2009 conference at Emory University, Atlanta. Subsequently followed by conferences in Boston University (2011), Goethe University Frankfurt (2013), Singapore Management University (2015), American Marketing Association Conference in San Jose (2017) and INSEAD (2019). The major aim of the upcoming conference is to broaden the participation at the conference by bringing together researchers from marketing, accounting, and finance and start to close the gap between research in these three areas.

In recent years, there has been a renewed emphasis in demonstrating that marketing investments can translate into profitable growth. The challenges in marketing measurement today are not limited to improving marketing mix models, to assessing returns to marketing, or to examining the right metrics, but creating the right combination of analytics, research, and business case-based findings to guide both effective strategy and implementation. At the same time, the rise of new channels, such as the Internet and mobile communication, and the increasing importance of word- of-mouth and sponsorship, make marketing resource allocation decisions much more complex. This conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners in marketing, accounting and finance to address these key problems.

Submission Requirements:

Formal 'Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street' submissions, due by June 15, 2022, should be presentations of no more than 10 PowerPoint slides (plus cover slide, in Times Roman 12 size type) that address the following:

  • Motivation: How it connects to the marketing-finance-accounting interface?  What research question(s) are you addressing? In the first one to two slides, clearly establish the connection and the issue you are grappling with (1-2 slides). 

  • Relevant Hypotheses/model:  Lay out the theory underlying your study (1-2 slides) and the formal/informal hypotheses. 

  • Data & Method:  In the next 1-2 slides, briefly describe your data and research methods, 

  • Results:  In the next one to two slides, describe the principal findings in words and tables and figures (3-5 slides). 

  • Generalizability/Limitations: On the last slide, clearly state the generalizability/limitations of your study (1 slide).

Marketing Meets Wall Street SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 15, 2022

Decisions will be communicated one week from the date of submission.

Conference Location: AMA Conference Location, Chicago 
Conference Dates: Aug 11-12, 2022

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