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CBI Webinars

Find new ideas and classic advice on business innovation from the world's best business and management experts. 

Accelerating Emerging Tech Transformation for Business Innovation and Growth

The pandemic brought innovation to center stage overnight and accelerated organizational digital transformation at unimagined speed across sectors. Professor Rajendra Srivastava (Special Advisor to the Dean and Novartis, ISB Hyderabad) and Professor Ashish Sinha (Professor of Marketing at the University of Technology Sydney) discuss the importance of the following emerging technologies adoption to actively and deliberately fuel Business Innovation and Growth forward.

Augment Operational Excellence with Digital Technologies as a Business Strategy

Adoption of digital transformation enables the organizations to gain business competitive advantage and improve operational efficiency. An interactive webinar  with Vijaya Sunder M Assistant Professor (Practice), Operation Management Area, Indian School of Business Hyderabad on where and how digital transformation bridges the gap between technology and operational excellence. 

How to create Business Model in VUCA-BANI world

Today’s world is volatile and complex. Such overwhelming situations demand new solution models with extraordinary flexibility. An interactive session with Professor DVR Seshadri Professor of Marketing (Practice), Indian School of Business to understand some of the ingredients required to successfully navigate through the VUCA world in which we live.

Leadership in the VUCA-BANI world

Volatile and complex world demands beingful leaders. Leadership is knowing about their values and strengths, unleashing potentials to create business impact especially in this age of uncertainty and disruption. 

An interactive session with Ram Nidumolu, Professor of Organizational Behaviour (Practice), Indian School of Business to understand and pioneer a new approach to transformational leadership called ‘beingful leadership’.

Growth Tunes - A Leadership Series

In a collaborative effort, the Indian School of Business and the Intel Startup Program, under the aegis of the Emerging Technologies Centre (ETC), have launched 'Growth Tunes – A Leadership Series' that leverages academia and industry expertise to host high-impact knowledge sessions for the leaders of growth-stage startups in the deep/emerging tech space looking for growth and scaling up.

These interactive live learning sessions are conducted by experienced faculty from ISB's rich pool of experts and provide the attendees with learnings on actionable insights and applicable innovative perspectives.



  • Startups with innovative solutions under deep/emerging technology focus areas.
  • Startups that are in their growth stage and have implementable solutions.
  • Open for Founders and C-level Executives

Expression of Interest

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Why Growth Tunes?

  • Series of Knowledge Sessions
  • Interactive Q&A with ISB Faculty
  • Actionable Insights & Innovative Practices
  • Open for Close-knit Cohort
  • Exclusive Coterie of Tech-based Startups
  • Limited Invitation Only Participation
  • No Equity/Registration Fee Asked

Knowledge Sessions under Growth Tunes

Product Management for Growth & Scale

Speaker: Vish Krishnan, Professor & Endowed Chair – University of California and Professor Affiliate at Harvard University Lab for Innovation Science

Digital marketing for startups to accelerate B2B growth

Speaker: Madhu Viswanathan, Associate Professor, Marketing – Indian School of Business (ISB) and Research Director, ISB Institute of Data Science.

Path to Global Entrepreneurship

The ISB Centre for Business Innovation, in partnership with the IntelstartupProgram, hosted an exclusive residential workshop, “Path to Global Entrepreneurship”

Knowledge Session 4

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Conferences and Events

The Centre for Business Innovation organizes conferences and events across the globe

“Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street” 7

ISB-CBI in Conjunction with the AMA Summer Educator Conference, Chicago hosted the latest installment of the Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street Conference from August 11-12, 2022 in Chicago, USA.

In recent years, there has been a renewed emphasis in demonstrating that marketing investments can translate into profitable growth. The challenges in marketing measurement today are not limited to improving marketing mix models, to assessing returns to marketing, or to examining the right metrics, but creating the right combination of analytics, research, and business case-based findings to guide both effective strategy and implementation.

The major aim of this conference was to broaden the participation by bringing together researchers from marketing, accounting, and finance and start to close the gap between research in these three areas.

Learning Table 1: Retail, E-Commerce and Omnichannel Marketing

ISB Centre for Business Innovation with ISB Institue for Data Science organized the first Learning Table on Retail, Omni-channel Marketing, and e-Commerce. The Learning Table was an exclusive invite-only, closed door event that aimed to bring together industry experts, practitioners and academics across different domains such as Fintech, Health-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Retail, FMCG, Auto, Education etc.  to focus on solutions in the Retail, Omni-channel and e-Commerce space and shape the evolution of the industry. The Learning Table Session was also designed to help align Centre’s research activities to industrial needs and goals.

Briefly, the agenda for the session was to understand the research-based insights in areas such as digital transformation, business innovation, and business analytics provided by the faculty, complemented by experiences and frameworks derived by industry experts that identify challenges. It was an open format for discussion and exchange and was used to identify “problems worth solving”.

From Left to Right: Dyuti Kumat (ISB) Debashree Dutta (ISB) Prashanth Ramagiri (ISB) Sreenath Kanugovi (ISB) Rohit Kumar Cherukuri (CtrlS Datacentres) Abhijeet Patil (upGrad) Rajendra Srivastava (ISB)  Abhinav Jain (Gaja Capital) George John (UoM) Madhu Viswanathan (ISB) Saurabh Agrawal (Lenskart) Amrita Asrani (Reckitt)

Articles and Blogs

The Centre for Business Innovation is working on articles and blogs on the most pressing issues in today's business world.

India’s Growth Transformation - Moving Ahead and Moving Up

These are interesting times for the Indian economy and the tea-leaves are pointing to a new playing field. On one side, new-age startups are making bigger and bolder bets. On the other side, the top conglomerates in India are also entering new businesses, integrating vertically and investing to enter higher value areas or drive innovation (both organically or by acquiring startups).

In this article, we analyzed India’s growth transformation, its various pieces and how they are coming together:

  • Physical, digital and market infra 
  • Purchasing power and aggregated opportunity of billion-plus market
  • Scale thinking and execution 
  • How companies and entrepreneurs capture more of the value (value creation and value capture)

The authors also list what Indian businesses and policymakers need to do


Digital Transformation as a Disruptive Strategy

Several companies are embarking on the journey of digitalization to future-proof their businesses. The pandemic accelerated this process furthermore as customers, workers, and markets started to adopt and embrace digital transformation.

The article – ‘Digital Transformation as Disruptive Strategy’ by Ashish Sinha, Kiran Pedada, Anish Purkayastha, Rajendra Srivastava, and Sandeep Balani talks about the impact of digital transformation on a company’s revenue and shareholder value. 

Image Credit: Pan Yunbo

The difficulty of being innovative

Innovation is among the top three priorities for three-quarters of the companies surveyed by BCG in 2021. However, only half of them have been able to take any definitive steps toward it, highlighting what is called the readiness gap in the industry. While a lot has been discussed, debated, and documented about the ways to achieve that elusive elixir of growth that is innovation—from fostering creativity to celebrating failures to supporting open culture—little has been said about the difficulty of being innovative.