Center for Analytical Finance (CAF)

The Centre for Analytical Finance (CAF) was established in the year 2004, with a mandate to produce high quality research, create research database, organise conferences and workshops, and train next generation of researchers in the area of finance. Through its Conferences, Workshops and Researcher’s Training programme, the Centre has created a forum for academicians, regulators and industry professionals, to discuss the latest issues and research. Centres' association with the distinguished scholars of global repute and top industry practitioners makes it one of the premier research centres in South-east Asia.


Our mission is to:

  1. Undertake research projects that will aid and inform:
    • Financial markets
      • Financial institutions
      • Financial instruments
      • Financial regulations
  2. Focus on issues in finance, including access to financial markets for small and micro entrepreneurs.
  3. Disseminate research-based knowledge through conferences, workshops and lectures among all CAF constituencies:
    •  Academics
      • Practitioners
      • Regulators and policy-makers
  4. Create data-sets to help and benefit academicians as well as practitioners.
  5. Consolidate our position as the premier research centre in the Asia-Pacific region.
  6. Achieve global standing in the foreseeable future.