Our mission is to generate and translate state-of-the-art research in Marketing, Sales, and Purchasing into practice in growth markets through research collaborations, Consulting, Education programmes, and exclusive networking events.


Our Vision is to develop new knowledge for advancing the theory and practice of Marketing, Sales, and Purchasing in the growth markets.

Learning Modules

The ISB-CBM offers a range of customisable programmes designed for Senior Management and their teams who are committed to finding next-generation ways to grow their businesses and realise their full potential. The offerings can be either case-based or project-based. In case-based courses, selected marketing case studies will be used to understand the best practices around the world; in project-based courses, the Centre will work with a member organisation’s specific challenges and issues and convert them into projects, to facilitate 'learning by doing'.

Themes for ISB-CBM’s Programmes:

  1. Data Analytics and Pricing
  2. Branding and Pricing
  3. Digital Transformation
  4. Value Migration Strategies and Customer Engagement
  5. Salesforce Management and Business Channels
  6. Value Co-Creation and Solutions
The diagram depicts the overlap in these topics: 

The Unique ISB-CBM offerings

After attending this module, participants will be able to use data analytics for their firm’s marketing and pricing decisions. They will learn different data analytics techniques and frameworks which would be useful in marketing decision-making. The only lever among the 4Ps of marketing that helps organisations capitalize on  investments is Pricing. Therefore, the lessons learned in this module will help participants make better investments and pricing decisions backed by robust data analytics.