ISB-CBM Membership Benefits

Membership to ISB-CBM offers extraordinary value to the Organisations. The Centre works closely in collaboration with businesses, conducts customised research programmes with the world-class resources of ISB. As Asia's only specialist, Centre focusses on helping organisations get more out of their Marketing and Sales efforts, ISB-CBM offers a unique set of advantages.

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  • Access to various calendarized learning programmes
  • Intensive mentoring on addressing key challenges being faced by member companies by globally renowned academicians with real-world experience in the industry
  • Practicum, wherein designated personnel from the company may be nominated to work with ISB-CBM Academic Scholars for high-end on-the-job skill development in pre-defined aspects of Business Market Management in the VUCA world
  • Day-long interaction/s on pre-selected topic(s) at the company’s premises with appropriate ISB-CBM Academic Scholars


  • Access to Industry-specific data for non-commercial use
  • Syndicated research on a specific theme or topic by a group of interested companies
  • Participation in custom studies to understand the challenges of companies in growth markets
  • Dedicated research to address company-specific challenges in the realm of B2B Marketing, Sales and Purchasing
  • Eligibility to have company-specific case studies developed, covering specific key challenges being addressed by the company
  • Eligibility to participate in joint partnerships facilitated by ISB-CBM, i.e., work with other companies to address common challenges


  • Access to ISB-CBM Academic Scholars for specific consultancy services
  • Internship by ISB students at the company for working on projects of importance to the company
  • Showcasing company and CXO-initiated thought leadership and best practices to the world through assistance in developing practice-oriented management papers and articles that can be published to help the company and its CXOs build both company and personal brand


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