Ashish Sachdeva

Research Director & Adjunct Assistant Professor, Max Institute of Healthcare Management

Research interests: Health Systems, Health Behaviour



Ashish Sachdeva is the Research Director at Max Institute of Healthcare Management, Indian School of Business (ISB). His area of interest is healthcare, specifically, behaviour health, health systems, and the interaction between the two. He studies how individual and system-level changes affect individuals and public health outcomes. In the area of behavioural health, he is interested in understanding the factors affecting the health of an individual and how financial incentives, emotions, nudges, and other tools can be used to influence individuals’ decisions related to health behaviour and healthcare usage. He uses quantitative and qualitative research methods, including lab and field experiments to determine the same.  

In addition to research, Ashish also enjoys teaching. He has taught at Stanford University, Penn State University, the University of Southern California, and ISB. Prior to joining ISB, Ashish was a Research Fellow at the Global Asia Institute, National University of Singapore. He has also worked as a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant at the University of Southern California and worked as a Consultant with GENPACT before embarking on a career in research and academics. 

Ashish holds a PhD and MA in Economics from the University of Southern California; an MA in Economics from Delhi School of Economics; and a BA in Economics from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. 


        PhD Economics, University of Southern California, 2016

        MA Economics, University of Southern California, 2011

        MA Economics, Delhi University, 2005

        BA Economics, Delhi University, 2003


Published Papers 

Published Articles 

  1. Das, H., Deo, S., Sachdeva, A. (2021) Augment Testing Capacity. Opinion, Business Line (The Hindu)
  2. Sachdeva, A., & Kabra, A. (2021). Let’s aim for affordable and sustainable Corona testing. mint.
  3. Kabra, A., Sachdeva, A., & Sheth, A. (2021). Behavioral Dynamics Affecting Covid-19 Vaccination Uptake in India. Health Management, Policy & Innovation (HMPI).


  1. Drivers of improving cost-efficiency of Covid-19 testing in India

Working Projects

  1. Studying the private provider practices for effective management of hypertension
  2. Pharmacist-led model for screening and management of hypertension
  3. Improving access to Covid-19 testing through systems strengthening
  4. Integrated use of digital connectivity and data to improve woman and child health
  5. Improving timely vaccination through incentives and automating workflow of frontline healthworkers using ICT  

Working Papers 

  • Field Experiments
    • Structuring financial incentives to increase physical activity and improve health outcomes, with Teck-Hua Ho (NUS), Mitesh Patel (UPenn), Kevin Volpp (UPenn). 
    • Step Tracking and Exercise Promotion (STEP), a long-term randomized control trial on habit formation and heterogeneous effects of financial incentives, with Teck-Hua Ho (NUS), Lawrence Jin (NUS). 
  • Causal Study
    • Pathways to preventive health, evidence from India’s rural road program, with R.Banerjee (USC).