Executive Director

Professor Chandan Chowdhury

Senior Associate Dean - Career Advancement Services | Executive Director-Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing & Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management | Practice Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems

Professor Chandan Chowdhury is an Senior Associate Dean and a Practice Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems at the Indian School of Business (ISB). He is also the Executive Director leading the (1) Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing and the (2) Punj-Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management at ISB.  As the Executive Director of the Munjal Institute, Prof. Chowdhury is responsible for identifying research priorities and setting the overall direction of the institute. His special areas of interest are operations and manufacturing management, innovation and ‘Technology Enabled Business Transformation’ and smart and sustainable city.

Academic Director

Dr. Pratap Sriram Sundar

Academic Director - Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing & Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management

Pratap Sriram Sundar has more than three decades of experience as a teacher, trainer, consultant and director of a manufacturing company in operations management. He holds B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering), M. Tech (Industrial Engineering), and Ph.D (Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston).  Presently, he is the Academic Director and Adjunct Professor of Operations Management at the Indian School of Business (ISB) in the Munjal Institute of Global Manufacturing (MIGM) and Punj Lloyd Institute for Infrastructure Management (PLIIM).  He had worked as an assistant professor at NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering), Mumbai for about eight years.

After completing his Ph.D, he worked as Customer Advocacy Manager in Paraform, a Silicon Valley company in Santa Clara, CA, and then as Director of Manufacturing in Innovation Sports, Los Angeles, CA, USA for six years before returning to India for good. Later, he offered his training and consulting services through his company Natura Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. in the fields of industrial engineering, manpower optimization, demand planning, scenario planning, supply chain management, lean systems design, and six-sigma. He was the Assistant Director on the Board of Adithya Automotive Applications Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow (a joint venture of TRF Ltd., Tata Capital Ltd., and Jasper Industries Pvt. Ltd.).

He authored 19 conference papers, 4 journal papers and 6 chapters in a book published in US. He was a member of the Industrial Engineering Honor Society (Alpha Pi Mu) and The Scientific Research Society (Sigma Xi). He received “Outstanding Scholarly Work” certificate from the Director of LRM (Laboratory for Responsible Manufacturing), Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA in Apr. 2000. He also received the “Best Team Performer” award from the CEO of Paraform, Inc., in Dec. 2000. He received training in the Theory of Constraints (TOC) from Dr. Eli Goldratt at Boston, and training in Axiomatic Design at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Boston, and training in Lean Aircraft Initiative at MIT, Boston, USA. He attended the NSF (National Science Foundation, Washington, DC) Workshop on “Nanotechnology” at Boston, USA. He visited more than 400 companies and had offered his services to about 50 companies in the last 35 years. He is a fervent explorer of Nature and science.

Associate Director

Col. Rajiv Bhargava

Associate Director 

Col. Rajiv Bhargava is an alumnus of the PGP at ISB and has majored in Strategy and Finance. He has been the member of the founding team of the Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing and the Mohali Campus of ISB. He is a Postgraduate in Defence Studies from Madras University and is currently the Associate Director at the Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing

Col. Rajiv Bhargava has an expertise of over 22 years in Logistic Operations and Supply Chain Management and has applied a cross-functional approach to procuring and delivering products and services in conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity. He has also headed the Procurement department at the Mohali Campus at ISB for over three years.

In his previous role, Col. Bhargava has been a faculty at the prestigious Army War College and the Army Air Defence College. He has taught Strategy and Tactics to Mid-level managers of the Indian Army and of friendly neighbouring countries, including Sri Lanka and Nepal

Col. Rajiv Bhargava is a prolific writer and has co-edited a book titled ‘Perspectives on India’s Defence Offset Policy’. He has published articles widely across National Newspapers, ISB’s Insight Journal and professional Army journals. As a keynote speaker and panellist, he participates in numerous panel discussions and roundtables organized by industry bodies and Universities.

Col. Rajiv Bhargava has served in the Indian Army for 25 years and participated in over four Operations. He has commanded a battalion of over 1000 men and has received the Army Commander’s recommendation for his conscientiousness and efficiency in command.

Col. Rajiv Bhargava has interests in Skilling, Behaviour Economics, Defence Strategy and is passionate about studying the determinants that impact the valuation of start-ups and MSMEs. He has been a University level player in badminton and table tennis.

Rinki Sikka

Assistant Manager


Rinki is a post graduate from Symbiosis Distance Learning in finance. She is responsible for the administrative activities of the Institute. She assists the Executive Director.

Anurag Sobti

Research Associate


Anurag Sobti holds three Master’s degrees from Iowa State University, U.S.A. – Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, M.B.A. in Finance & Statistics, and Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering. He has 4 years of experience as a data scientist and also has experience in academic research in the fields of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Anurag has also worked as a Risk Analyst for Aviva in U.S.A. Prior to joining ISB, Anurag was working as a freelancer data scientist.

Kaveri Kala

Research Associate


Kaveri holds B.Tech (Mechanical and Automation) and M.Tech (Robotics and Automation) from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW), Delhi. She is also pursuing her PhD at the Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Delhi. Kaveri held MHRD scholarships during her master's and doctoral studies. Before joining Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing, she has worked as a visiting faculty for operations and supply chain management in Masters Union. Her interest lies in conducting practice-driven and inspired research on the public (social welfare) systems in the framework of Operations Research and Analytics. 

Matrika Shukla

Research Associate


Matrika Shukla is a dynamic and ambitious woman poised to revolutionize the field of Statistics. With a Master's degree in Statistics from the renowned University of Allahabad, Matrika substantiated her academic prowess by securing the top position in her department. Proficient in an array of computer skills such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, R, MATLAB, SQL, Python, Machine Learning, Power BI Desktop, and STAN, she possesses a diverse range of expertise encompassing predictive modelling, data analysis, and visualization. 


Matrika actively involves herself in diverse initiatives, dedicating her time to volunteering for social awareness campaigns and publishing articles on esteemed platforms. Her exceptional achievements include securing the third prize in the All India "On the Spot Essay Writing Competition - 2021" for Post Graduate Students of Statistics, an esteemed competition organized by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI). Before joining ISB, Matrika served as a Research Assistant at IIM, Udaipur, gaining valuable experience in her field.


With her exceptional academic foundation, versatile skill set, and unwavering commitment to advancing statistical research and industry, Matrika Shukla stands well-positioned to make an indelible impact in the realm of academia.