Business leaders today need an understanding of how digitalisation is changing the rules of competition, disrupting traditional industry incumbents and transforming products, services, business models and business functions.

Custom programmes are created as per the business needs of our partners such as leadership skill-development, domain-specific business problems, specific technology trends and use cases, improving business performance, customer problem solving, digital business models etc.

Taking the programme as a team help the firm’s executives be at the same level of understanding towards technology advances, makes firm better positioned to execute the digital transformation initiatives and amplifies the overall benefits to the firm.

IT Management in India (WU Executive Academy)

For the last 7 years, SRITNE has been hosting a study tour programme for Executive MBA students of WU (Vienna University) Executive Academy. A 5-day residency programme in the course "IT Management in India" contains lectures by SRITNE-aligned faculty members, industry guest speakers and site visits to IT firms. Additionally, the participants are sensitized to the context of business in India through an immersive experience.

Leading Digital Business Transformation & Innovation (Novartis)

The programme is a customised version of our open programme offering called Leading Digital Business Transformation and Service Innovation.

The programme has been attended by 30-35 senior executives from various functions of Novartis - Global Drug Development, Novartis Business Services, IT, Finance, Procurement, Legal and HR.

Leveraging Digital for Growth for Google SMB

SRITNE delivered a custom-designed 2-day Executive Education programme for 30 leaders of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), who are seeking to leverage the power of digital for growth. The programme focused on deepening participants’ understanding of digital business models and familiarizing them with data analytics tools and other techniques for leveraging digital media to generate superior business outcomes. Additionally, participants gained insights about the functional strategies and leadership skills required to drive growth digitally for their businesses.

Leadership Skill Development for Accenture

SRITNE developed a customised programme for Accenture in collaboration with the Centre for Executive Education to accelerate leadership skill development among middle level managers.

The academic board, which oversees the development of the curriculum for this programme, consists of professors Ravi Bapna, Sambamurthy and Alok Gupta. It starts with assessing Accenture’s current training capabilities and content, restructuring/ adding to the content, content delivery and finally evaluation of participants.

This is a very comprehensive programme covering various aspects of management education like communication skills, business processes, vertical knowledge, innovation and people management.

Till date, around 4,500 Accenture employees have enrolled and benefited through this programme.

CIO Academy

The CIO Academy is a learning and certification platform created for CIOs by the SRITNE and the Centre for Executive Education at the ISB in partnership with the CIO Association of India.

The Global CIO certification programme consists of two levels. Each level will be conducted over a span of three consecutive days of classroom teaching at ISB campus followed by the submission of a business case by each participant based on their specific business situation. 


Nurturing Intrapreneurship

Today's companies function in a tough, competitive environment. Emerging trends and digital technologies demand enterprises to constantly to stay relevant. Instead of focusing on proven business lines or optimising processes, firms need to channelise resources to develop new ideas and nurture newer markets.

Specific to your firm's context and requirement, our centre will develop a custom programme that will help you to institutionalise intrapreneurship so that innovation gets ingrained in your company's culture.