Public sector organisations need an understanding of how digitalisation is changing the rules of competition, disrupting traditional industry incumbents and transforming products, services, business models and business functions.

Custom programmes are created as per the business needs of our public sector partners such as leadership skill-development, domain-specific business problems, specific technology trends and use cases, improving business performance, entrepreneurial & digital literacy, customer problem solving, digital business models etc.

These programmes make our public sector partners better positioned to execute digital initiatives and amplifies the overall benefit to the society.

Digital Transformation in Public Governance

The programme was designed to meet the developmental needs of select professionals of ePragati officers representing various departments of Government of Andhra Pradesh to “develop the next generation of CIOs, Enterprise Architects contributing to Government goals, industry stewardship by advancing their profession.”

Executive Education | SRITNE | Custom

Training on Digitisation for Small & Medium Enterprises

States are encouraging MSME industry bodies to focus on modernization. Going digital is the most effective means to achieving this goal. A program design based on detailed qualitative interviews with the MSMEs and industry associations was developed.

Executive Education | SRITNE | Custom

CSC Academy

In partnership with Government of India, CSC e-Governance Services and their skill-development arm CSC Academy, SRITNE aims to leverage the large-scale 2,50,000 plus Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) network across India for imparting two key training programmes focusing on: a. Digital Literacy b. Entrepreneurial Literacy