Research Partner: Government of Telangana

An increasing number of governments in emerging markets are implementing technology solutions in schools aimed at improving teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes. However, there is insufficient evidence that providing access to these technologies, including computers, the Internet, educational applications/e-books, has a significant effect on student performance.

The Government of Telangana launched an initiative called Telangana State Computer Literacy and Skills in Schools (TS-CLASS) to promote digitisation of education in government high schools. Researchers at SRITNE, through detailed qualitative interviews and surveys of students, teachers and administrators at over 100 government schools, are seeking to provide insights into the impact of digitisation of education, heterogeneity in such impact and the mechanisms underlying impact. Specifically, the study will:

  1. Understand the differential motivations and beliefs of students and teachers regarding various technology tools in the classroom.
  2. Document patterns of adoption of digital tools across schools and amongst teachers and students within schools.
  3. Evaluate the impact of technology adoption and the drivers of such impact.