Bapna, Ravi; Iyer, Lakshmi; Sharma, Nidhi; Subramanian, Shyaam. "Data Warehousing as a Strategic Tool at Bharti Airtel"
Issues: Growth Strategy; Choice of Technology
Discipline: Technology Management
Industry: Mobile Telephone Services
Setting: New Delhi, India; 2006
Length: 13 pages

The case describes the day-to-day operational challenges faced by rapidly growing organizations which strive to use information as a source of competitive advantage. It highlights the various loopholes in the integration of different systems, leading to instances of data inconsistency, which in turn lead to suboptimal business decisions. These instances also bring out the different aspects of how the data needs to be used, encouraging the students to appreciate the characteristics of data warehousing. This case is intended for use in an MBA class as a part of a Strategic Analysis of IT course where it aims to sensitize the future business leaders towards the importance of the proper use of technology to gain strategic advantage. It also intends to emphasize the importance of the use of information and data warehousing for managing customer relationships through improved marketing and also tightening business and control processes within the organisation.