Research Fellows

Our research fellows are globally acclaimed family business scholars and practitioners and have contributed immensely to the field of management and family business. They provide guidance to the Centre's team and associated faculty members, on our Research Papers, Case studies and White Papers and are closely involved with them in the development of novel academic contributions. Their academic leadership and support has helped the Centre excel in research and publish papers in globally reputed, top-tier peer-reviewed business management journals. The invaluable contribution from our research fellows has helped the Centre emerge as a leading think tank on family entrepreneurship and a principal resource for family business wisdom in the South Asian region.
Professor Raveendra Chittoor

Professor Raveendra Chittoor

Associate Professor of Strategy and International Business and Canada Research Chair in Global Economy, University of Victoria

Professor Pramodita Sharma

Schlesinger-Grossman Chair of Family Business, Grossman School of Business (GSB), University of Vermont