Research - Contributing to the Cutting-Edge of the Field

The Centre contributes to the field of family business research by creating and disseminating world-class knowledge. Family businesses face certain unique challenges related to governance, growth, professionalization, leadership, strategy and corporate social responsibility. Though several of these aspects have been deeply examined by researchers, many others remain under-examined. Hence, the family business research continues to grow and evolve. 

The Centre has undertaken several cutting-edge research projects and is emerging as a research centre of excellence in the field of family business in the Asian region. The research articles authored/co-authored by members at our Centre have been published in internationally respected top-tier, peer-reviewed management journals that include, Global Strategy Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, Asia Pacific Journal Of Management, and Cross Cultural and Strategic Management Journal.  Since the very beginning, our endeavour is to take research beyond the academic pursuit. Through rigorous and relevant research that helps family businesses improve the way they operate, our goal is to create a real impact on the society.  The Centre also conducts an Annual survey of family enterprises on status,  perceptions, contributions and anxieties.

Several research papers developed at the Centre within these four areas have been presented at international conferences that include, the Academy of Management (AoM) Annual Meeting, Strategic Management Society (SMS) Annual and Special Conferences, Family Enterprise Research Conference (FERC), European Academy of Management (Euram) Annual Conference, and the International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) Conference. The family business case study research conducted by the Centre is published as teaching cases by Harvard Business Publishing, Ivey Publishing and Sage Business Cases. The Centre has also contributed several research-based book chapters to seminal handbooks on management and family business research published by Edward Elgar Publishing.  Members of the research team at the Centre serve the field as reviewers for the top-tier management journals. The team members are annually invited to review papers submitted to the international academic conferences, which include the AoM, SMS, FERC, Euram, and IFERA. The Centre team members are also regularly invited as Session/ Track Chairs at the international research conferences and to conduct seminars/ training sessions at various fora of international repute.


Research from the Centre is published in various ways which includes, journal articles, cases, working papers, books and book reviews, white papers and reports

Focus Areas of Research


Our research focuses on corporate governance of family firms and their performance, while another main area within this segment is how business families fare on family governance at various stages of their life cycle. How effective family governance mechanisms can be developed and how can those contribute to family business sustenance.


We examine what professionalization challenges do family firms face as they grow rapidly. Besides studying the professionalization of operations we also examine the challenges of professionalization of governance.


This is one of the largest and broadest areas of our research. We probe family firm’s competitive advantage, challenges in determining strategic direction and long-term sustenance, forces influencing their new venture strategies, the growing role of women in family business, parenting strategies adopted by family firms, navigating family businesses in VUCA environment, managing change and developing next generation leadership. Besides these, we also conduct studies on the post-liberalization era (1991 onwards) trends and growth of family firms in India.


This is an emergent area of research for the Centre. We probe how family firms conduct their philanthropy, what are the internal and external influences that affect their philanthropic activities, the nature and quantum of their CSR initiatives and what drives their CSR activity selection.