Pranjal Zambare

GSB President

Pranjal is a mechanical engineer with four years of work experience in John Deere. She has worked on designing heavy machinery used in construction. She strongly believes in welfare and giving back to the society. She has worked in the social sector in numerous capacities – as a member of an NGO during her undergraduate studies and by leading CSR activities at John Deere. 

She is passionate about having conversations with people on varied topics and loves hosting people and organizing events for them. 

Silvester Joshua

Director, Academic Affairs Council (AAC)

Silvester Joshua is a passionate and driven chartered accountant. He actively enjoys helping the cohort augment their learning through collaboration, with an added tinge of creativity. He joins ISB after working with KPMG in their M&A consulting division where he focussed majorly on integration & separation advisory, due diligences and deal support services. On a personal level, he enjoys playing the violin, reading about mythology thrillers and is passionate about public speaking. Throughout his undergrad, he has participated in intra and inter collegiate oratory competitions and has also worked towards conceptualizing and organizing his college’s cultural and financial fests. His heart rests dually in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu where his native is and Mumbai, the city that raised him – So the best way to put him in a standstill is to ask him to choose between Dosa and Vadapav. 

Achal Saxena

Director, Alumni Affairs Council

Achal is a mechanical engineer from Mumbai who joined Crompton as an Associate Manager post his graduation. He has a rich diverse experience of 5 years in Operations and Supply Chain domain.

Siddhesh Raikar

Director, Careers Advancement Council (CAC)

Siddhesh is an accomplished engineer with about five years of design, strategy, and sales experience. He is skilled in product development (concept to customer), costing, B2B sales, project management, and business strategy development. As an empathetic Product Manager, he has led a crossfunctional team of 12+ members at his previous organization focusing on their long-term career growth. Here, adhering to the rigours of new product development, he has delivered a Patented Product in water sustainability which has enabled the reduction of water pollution by at least 8.1 million litres for customers, while saving them about 12.2 million rupees, as of September 2021. He has a vital product innovation, process improvement and project management background supplemented by a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California and a Six Sigma Green Belt along with successful, relevant projects. He enjoys good food, reading, travelling, and sleeping in his leisure time in addition to studying behavioural psychology, yoga, and productivity enhancement.

Manisha Karn

Director, Finance and Governance Council (FGC)

Manisha is a passionate chartered accountant with over 5 years of experience in Telecom finance. She was born and brought up in Kolkata.

Akshita Mahajan

Director, Marketing and Communications Council (MCC)

Akshita is a seasoned engineer and comes with 3 years of software design and development experience at General Electric. She loves designing and driving digital marketing campaigns and has led several social media strategies at various levels in past.

Extremely jovial at heart, Akshita is a big time foodie and loves to interact with people. She is a true believer of giving back to the community and has been an active social volunteer since her early college days. 

Shubham Patel

Director, Operations & Sustainability Council (OSC)

Shubham has a 4 years of experience in analytics consulting and product analytics. He’s worked at Thorogood associates for 2.5 years where he helped fortune 500 companies build world-class business intelligence and analytics solutions. After Thorogood, he lead the product analytics team at BYJU’S for 1.5 years.

He’s born and brought up in Gujarat. He did his undergraduate in chemical engineering from NIT Trichy. He’s a vocalist and a guitarist and is a district level volleyball player. He has interests in product development and management.

Dipna Bansal

Director, Student Life Council (SLC)