Career services

Over the last 6 years, PGPMAX alumni have benefited tremendously from the career opportunities that came their way because of the ISB PGPMAX brand and the network of alumni. Participants get better understanding of the senior level roles and leadership requirements. They also get the opportunity to interact with partner level executives from Senior Executives Search Firms. Participants gain visibility to opportunities in companies where peers and alumni are currently working.

The programme is targeted at senior executives and business owners and hence no placement/career support is provided. 

Career services/placements is not provided for two reasons:

  • Participants have to provide a Company Support Letter for the "Time Off From Work" to attend the programme and therefore respecting the employers support, the ISB does not feel it is appropriate to offer placement services.

  • Senior level executives are head hunted for positions or further their career through their network, therefore campus placements do not work