Arun Prakash A
Statistical Analyst/ Data Scientist, Visual IQ A ‘Complete Diet’ that provides all the nutrition required for a healthy Data Scientist, prescribed by the most eminent instructors and practitioners in the field of analytics.
Garima Jena
Vice-President, G3 Group A beautifully crafted programme that balances regular and online coursework to fit in with our work schedules and enhanced by opportunities to engage with leading faculty and outstanding peers.
Sneha Komma
Data Specialist, Google India (Global Logic Inc.) The CBA is a career enriching programme that provides an ideal mix of key concepts and theory and hands on application through real case studies and datasets from industry.
Haneesh Reddy
Analyst Programmer - Accenture Services Private Limited CBA programme has affected  my approach towards looking at a problem and solving it more effectively.It has changed my perception that "not all the problems has a solution".I've enjoyed being part of this programme
Neeraj Sabhnani
Vice President - Analytics solutions at Nuevora Analytics Very nicely designed data-science programme consisting of different aspects like statistics, business, machine learning, and data visualization. The course provides good balance of theory and practical application of different techniques covered through sessions taken by world renowned faculty.