The rise of digital technologies has presented a contemporary landscape of business transformation in the healthcare sector. The pace of technology absorption is likely to increase in hospitals. Technology absorption refers to the acquisition, development, assimilation, and utilization of technological knowledge in response to environmental dynamism. For realizing strategic benefits (top-line and bottom-line impact), hospitals should develop technology absorption as a dynamic capability, and not merely as an effort to manageday-to-day activities. 

The large hospitals in top-tier cities that often provide multi-specialty healthcare services and located in multiple regions have the upper hand towards the development of technology absorption capability. However, other smaller players that lack relevant resources to develop such a capability are worthy of attention. Consequently, in the scope of in small and medium-sized hospitals in India, this project aims to examine the state of sensing (internal opportunities and available technologies) capability, how the sensed opportunities are seized (assessment and investment decisions), and how the transformation is brought in by exploiting the digital technologies and leading associated change management

Project Team

Vijaya Sunder M
Principal Investigator



Tags: HealthTech, Digital Health, Tech Absorption