Executive Director with Punj Lloyd Institute for Infrastructure Management

The Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management (PLIIM) is one of the institutes within the ISB umbrella and was set up to develop management capacity for the infrastructure and real estate sectors. The Institute aims to equip professionals in the infrastructure and real estate industry with the skills required to effectively manage resources and projects. The Institute has helped develop custom-made programs for mid-career and senior professionals in the infrastructure and real estate industry that focus on key areas such as project management, contract management, dispute management, stakeholder management, finance, marketing, customer relations, economics, governance, etc.

The Executive Director will oversee various aspects, including strategic planning, research initiatives, education programs, outreach and impact. 


  • A Ph.D. in the relevant field (Economics/ Finance/ Public policy/Operations and Supply chain)
  • Proven leadership experience in academia, research, or related fields.
  • A track record of successful fundraising and partnership development.
  • A passion for education, research, and driving positive societal impact.

Administrative Skills:

  • Develop and implement formal plans, including goals, objectives, and timelines.
  • Manage budgeting, expenditures, and financial planning within available resources.
  • Work towards financial self-sustainability within defined timeframes.

Institute Leadership:

  • Define and refine the mission, vision, scope, and structure of the PLIIM in collaboration with the school’s leadership.
  • Build and lead a high-quality team of faculty, researchers, and support staff.
  • Work closely with the Industry Partners, Programme Sponsors and Institute Advisory Council.


  • Create an ecosystem for impactful research in the infrastructure and real estate sector.
  • Contribute to the establishment of research infrastructure to support faculty needs.
  • Organize research seminars and conferences to disseminate research and facilitate faculty engagement with industry practitioners and policymakers.


  • Lead the development and delivery of distinctive education programs and teaching materials in the respective sectors.
  • Collaborate with relevant faculty members and academic committees to ensure program quality.
  • Develop high-quality case studies in collaboration with the Centre for Learning and Management Practice.
  • Collaborate with the Centre for Executive Education to create programs for practicing managers.
  • Mentor students pursuing careers in the infrastructure and real estate sectors.
  • Support the CAS in maintaining industry relationships for student projects and placements.

Outreach and Impact:

  • Develop a market-driven agenda for projects, studies, policy analyses, and applied research in collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • Establish strong partnerships with government, industry, civil society, and academia to improve the availability of datasets, funded research projects and improve research productivity in this domain.
  • Support the Office of Advancement in fundraising by preparing customized proposals for donors and aligning major donors' expectations with PLIIM goals.

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