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Intern Finance


Job Title:

Intern– Accounts Receivables




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Job Purpose

Handling of student fee invoices, receipt and accounting, corporate customers invoice generation and accounting, customer payment receipt accounting, student scholarships and accounting, reconciliation of fee receipts with bank statements and reconciliation



Job  Outline


The jobholder performs a set of responsibilities which enables timely and accurate accounting of fee receipts, generating and accounting of student debit notes, invoices and accounting of customer receipts and attending to student exit formalities. All the customers invoice apart from the students, such as Open,Customised programs, Student ELP projects, facilities invoices,verify the TDS certificate receipts and account the same accurately and attend day to day student queries.


 S/he needs to also verify the supporting documents for the following:

  • Accuracy of the transactions
  • Approvals as per school policy, fee schedule
  • Terms as per the customer orders / agreements


The incumbent needs to determine the account heads, enter the transaction in SAP and put across the same to the reporting manager for further approval.




Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills/Technical

Desirable Experience

B.Com / M.Com/MBA/CA inter/CMA Inter

Interpersonal Skill, Good communication skills, Basic accounting knowledge, Coordination Skills, Follow Up, Attention to Details, Time Management, SAP (preferred) , MS Office

1-2 years





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