Manager– Outreach with Max Institute of Healthcare Management

Job Title:

Manager - Outreach



Reports to position:

Senior Associate Director



Reportees to Position:

Senior Associate




Job Purpose

To lead Max Institute of Healthcare Management’s outreach efforts, including reports, newsletters, social media, website, industry conferences, and research dissemination events, and support healthcare management programme marketing and experiential learning


Job  Outline

Max Institute of Healthcare Management is an interdisciplinary research centre that provides deep insights to policymakers, public institutions and corporates to create better health systems through the integrated elements of Research, Education, and Outreach. The Institute has a robust outreach arm that engages with students, alumni, industry, government, and foundations working in the healthcare sector through structured interventions and platforms facilitating dialogue and knowledge-sharing.


We are actively seeking a Manager – Outreach to join the MIHM team to take ownership and lead the outreach and experiential learning efforts, and curate initiatives that can strengthen relationship with various stakeholders. The incumbent will also act as the department’s ‘reporter’ who will create audio/visual material, articles that can disseminate research insight and workshop/event processing to MIHM’s audience.   


The incumbent will help in the planning of the Advanced Management Programme for Healthcare (AMPH) and executing the student engagement and applied learning aspects of the programme. S/he will be required to get involved in the concept and planning of Study Treks, events, and thought leadership activities. S/he will primarily interface with Manager – Admin who will support on all logistical and operational matters and a Senior Associate who will support him/her on the outreach. 


Job Interface/Relationships:

Knowledge /Education

Masters in English Literature / Media & Communications / Journalism / Mass Communication preferred. Any other masters with demonstrated writing ability will also be considered.

Familiarity with social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube will be an added advantage.     


1.        Ability to think critically and creatively

2.        Ability to write clearly and in a concise manner

3.        Excellent English language skills

4.        Good command over grammar and punctuation

5.        Ability to plan, organize, and monitor multiple tasks simultaneously

6.        Ability to build & maintain strong working relationships with diverse stakeholders

7.        Problem-solving and decision-making




Job Interface/Relationships:



▪       Faculty

▪       Marcomm

▪       FDRO

▪       Academic and Student Affairs

▪       PGP Healthcare Club

▪       External Relations

▪       Research Centres and Institutes

▪       Students

▪       Alumni Engagement

▪       Digital Transformation

▪       Admissions and Financial Aid

▪       ISB Studios

▪       I-Ventures

▪       Alumni

▪       Industry

▪       External Faculty

▪       Vendors / consultants

▪       Media


Key Areas



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent



Outreach for dissemination: To proactively design and lead the outreach efforts of the institute through website, social media, newsletters, etc. To create articles, interviews, blogs, audio / video material based on events, research of the Institute guest lectures that can be used for content dissemination


Content on website being updated. Measurement of activity like no. of posts and quality, interactions, followers. No. of articles contributed. Timeliness. Error free contribution.


Research outreach: To work closely with the research team and Marcomm to amplify institute’s research insights and working with Marcom to place opinion articles, stories in the media, dissemination through webinars, panel discussions, interviews, etc. Work as the ‘PR’ person for the department


No. of media stories, especially curated deep dive stories/interviews, blogs, notes from the field, etc.


Advanced Management Programme for Healthcare:

a)       Marketing: Work with AFA on the annual marketing initiatives, staff events and coordinate with alumni

b)      Co-curricular learning and orientation: Curate various co-curricular learning events including Study Treks, leaderspeak, alumnispeak, etc. and leading the orientation of the new cohorts

c)       Action Learning Project: Managing 1-credit course wherein students work on a capstone project

d)      Cross-programme collaboration: Interact with healthcare students and alumni, and foster cross-programme interaction and collaboration through joint events, networking, etc.


Error free planning. Follow up on invites and conformation of guest speakers. Interact with the students, alumni, and SIG on a regular basis, provide support for joint events. Timeliness for the ALP, increased collaborative events between programmes


Event curation: To independently work with partner organizations and other internal departments of the ISB to plan and execute outreach activities like conference, roundtable and events with support from Manager – Admin (logistics)


Error free planning and execution of the event within budget. Speaker communication and relevant audience convergence at the event


Reporting and hiring support

a)       Tracking and documentation of institute activities and creating outreach PPTs, annual reports, etc.

b)      Hiring support as needed


Annual/quarterly reports, updated tracker of events, outputs, alumni contribution, etc.


Total time spent on all responsibilities