Research Analyst (Statistics) with MIHM

Job Title:

Research Analyst (Statistics)



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Research Director– MIHM



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Job Purpose

Responsible for developing research design, survey instruments; performing statistical analyses; presenting findings and writing manuscripts

Job Outline

The Research Analyst (Statistics) position requires significant training and experience in empirical research applied to social sciences and management.


Primary responsibilities include (i) extracting secondary data and reformatting it for statistical analysis, (ii) developing statistical models and estimating them using secondary data, (iii) writing up the results in the form of reports, manuscripts, and presentations.


Other responsibilities include (i) managing relationships with collaborators from the partner institutions (see below), (ii) liaising with members of the MIHM team to ensure that study findings are disseminated through various channels to its external and internal stakeholders, and (iii) supporting administrative staff at MIHM in executing various administrative tasks associated with the project and escalating / flagging issues in a timely manner.


About the project:  The project titled “Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Referral Pathways for Early Diagnosis of Complications Arising from Diabetes: Application to Diabetic Retinopathy” has received funding from ICMR under investigator-initiated research proposals initiative. It involves three collaborating institutions: ISB, LV Prasad Eye Institute and IDEA clinics. LVPEI is one of the leading healthcare research institutions and one of the largest providers of eye care in the world. IDEA clinics is a private chain of endocrinology clinics providing high quality diabetes care.


The project involves screening of diabetic patients at IDEA clinics for diabetic retinopathy (DR) using fundus cameras that are outfitted with AI algorithms. Patients deemed at risk of DR will be referred to and followed up at LVPEI.


Using a prospective cohort study design, we aim to show that the patients diagnosed in this cohort are at earlier stages of DR compared to those in the standard-of-care (SOC) cohort comprising patients who arrive at LVPEI directly or through referrals from other healthcare providers (physicians, diabetologists or ophthalmologists).


The execution of the study including patient enrollment, screening, referral, and follow-up will be conducted by the clinical and administrative staff members at LVPEI and IDEA clinics. ISB’s main responsibility entails analyzing the data collected during the study, drawing statistical inferences from its analysis, and preparing research outputs for broader dissemination.



Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

1.     Master's degree in statistics,  operations, economics, public health or public policy, or equivalent degree program with demonstrated training and experience in quantitative methods.

1.   Ability to seamlessly work with various stakeholders and facilitate data transfer and its interpretation that precedes more rigorous analysis


2.   Exceptional ability to (i) understand and execute statistical/econometric analyses, and (ii) interpret data and analyze trends


3.   Strong writing and verbal skills in English and ability to communicate complex quantitative analyses in a clear, precise, and actionable manner


4.   Independently carry out research activities and maintain high quality and integrity of work process and results


5.   Responsive to mentorship to produce high-quality outputs in the defined timeframe


1.   At least 2 years of professional experience with prior experience in leading statistical research/ statistical data analysis will receive strong preference.


2.   Proficiency in at least one statistical and computational packages in addition to MS Excel such as R, Python, and STATA is essential


3.   Knowledge of the healthcare sector will be a strong plus.


4.   Prior experience in summarizing and presenting findings in reports, articles, etc.




Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Department: MIHM Research and Admin team
  • Other departments:  Grants team, Finance, Legal, web team and IT.

§  Collaborating institutions (LV Prasad Eye Institute, IDEA Clinics)




Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


1)   Conducting research aligned with the study objectives including:

a.   extracting secondary data and reformatting it for statistical analysis

b.   developing statistical models and estimating them using secondary data

c.    writing up the results in the form of reports, manuscripts, and presentations.

2)   Supporting development of new research proposals under the guidance of senior research staff at MIHM or ISB faculty









Any Other Significant Input

Send an email to with subject line “Application for Research Analyst (Statistics) - 2024” with a copy of your CV. Any evidence of written work and references by academics would be a strong positive. Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled. You will be contacted only in case you are shortlisted for an interview.


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