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Technology Interface Specialist


Bharti Institute of Public Policy (BIPP), Indian School of Business 



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Forest Governance

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Executive Director, BIPP-ISB

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About BIPP


Bharti Institute of Public Policy is a research centre at the Indian school of business (ISB), promoting high quality research to guide policy formulation and implementation. The institute stands tall as one of India’s eminent public policy think tanks, engaging with policymakers and practitioners, and providing them with critical, data driven evidence, insights and analysis of pressing concerns. The institute works on policy challenges across diverse domains, ranging from Agriculture & Food, Forest Governance, Environment, Energy Sector, Education, Finance, Governance, Digital Identity, and post-pandemic policy innovation and leadership. Besides its several collaborations with state governments, public and private entities to identify and address policy issues at international, national, and regional level, the institute has also undertaken noteworthy research and executive education initiatives to enrich the domain of public policy. 


Project Overview


The Initiative on the Forest Economy (IoFE) at ISB envisions a productive, sustainable, inclusive, and empowering forest-based economy in India. The proposed initiative leverages synergies between public policy goals, statutory provisions, private sector engagement, and market opportunities in India’s forested landscapes. IoFE seeks to forge formal linkages between communities and industrial supply chains with novel technological applications, decentralized institutional structure, and convergence across policies. IoFE will bring greater transparency and traceability to forest based supply chains, ensure quality and sustainability, and bring millions of forest-dependent households into the formal economy while also creating opportunities for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.


The proposed approach employs nature-based solutions to enhance the livelihoods of rural communities through women-centric forest-based community enterprises while also protecting them against market risks by embedding livelihoods within a framework of community forest ownership. We collaborate with government agencies, academic institutions, private companies, and civil society organizations to address the tremendous potential of forests to create jobs and wealth while also mitigating adverse environmental impacts.  The initiative represents a triple-win opportunity by reducing environmental threats, creating jobs at the bottom of the pyramid, and establishing sustainable forest management systems.



Job Overview


The Technology Interface Specialist will act as the interface between the software development team at ISB and clients in the field, with a focus on JharFRA (android application developed by BIPP-ISB and adopted by Government of Jharkhand as the official app to file forest rights claims in the state) and nCount (state-of-the-art citizen-science based technology platform developed by BIPP-ISB for environmental monitoring and conservation). The Specialist will provide real-time support to field teams in overcoming technical glitches and enabling smooth operations. The Specialist will design, organize, supervise, and deliver training on technical aspects to staff of NGO partners and collaborating government agencies. The position is based out of Hyderabad but there will be frequent travel to project locations.


Skills and Qualifications:


A minimum of three years of professional engagement within software and application development teams is required. Proficiency in at least one programming language, such as Python or JavaScript, is expected. An adept comprehension of the application development workflow is essential. Additionally, a minimum of five years of experience in providing technical training, collaborating with stakeholders to grasp their needs and discern gaps, is mandatory. Prior experience within the development sector is considered advantageous. Ability to work with diverse teams, communicate effectively, methodological approach to problem-solving, and attention to detail are expected from this position. 


Compensation: 12 Lakh per annum + 2L bonus component (one-time payment based on satisfactory performance after completion of six months).


Application Procedure:

Send your application through this link here. Upload your updated CV and a cover letter (no more than 500 words) discussing your motivation and why do you think you are a good fit for this position.


Please note: We will accept applications through the link above only. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Applicants will be contacted only if shortlisted for an interview. In case of any issues in uploading, please write to with the subject line “Application for Technology Interface Specialist”.


ISB is committed to diversity at the workplace, and strongly encourages applications from women and minority candidates.

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