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IDP India Data Portal conducts workshop on Data Journalism - December 27

Jalandhar, December 27: India Data Portal (IDP), in collaboration with Punjab Press Club, today conducted a workshop on ‘Data Journalism’ and ‘Using Data for Journalism’. The workshop aimed to familiarise journalists with IDP, which houses a gamut of processed and documented datasets from Central and State public agencies and government departments. The India Data Portal, conceived and developed by Bharti Institute of Public Policy, is a step to enhance transparency in governance, and citizens’ right to access and use public data related to significant aspects of policy making. 

“Data-driven reportage and news presentation can add new dimensions to journalism and enhance the credibility of news stories,” said Dr Aarushi Jain, Associate Director, Bharti Institute of Public Policy, adding that news based on evidence and documented data proofs significantly reduces chances of misinformation and fake news, a menace which media fraternity and governments all around the world have been grappling with. 

The use of India Data Portal helps researchers, journalists, social activists and academicians to access, interact with, and visualise data related to agriculture, financial inclusion and rural development, in over six Indian languages. The portal also contains High Frequency Indicators for monitoring India’s economic recovery in post-Covid scenario. 

In the workshop, the media fraternity from the city also discussed important aspects related to ‘data journalism’, how to enhance research-based reporting and promote integration of academic institutions and media houses. “Research collaborations among academicians and journalists can provide a significant framework for substantive, policy-oriented and even investigative journalism, thereby strengthening the fundamentals of democracy,” added Dr Jain. 

The Bharti Institute is an autonomous policy think tank by the Indian School of Business, carrying out research and education programmes in public policy. The Punjab Press Club and Indian School of Business plan to regularly conduct such workshops and training sessions for the Jalandhar media, to improve research-oriented news reporting among journalists through the use of datasets and data visualisations from India Data Portal.

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