Evaluation of a novel community-based chronic disease management solution 

The report critically evaluates an operating model (NanoHealth) that leverages a unique combination of community healthworkers and a proprietary technology platform to facilitate early diagnosis and continuous management of chronic NCDs such as Diabetes and Hypertension. In particular, the authors undertook a detailed operational evaluation of one such social enterprise model and draw implications for the wider ecosystem and the challenge of NCD management at a national level. The report talks about the impact of NanoHealth on the health outcomes of its users by analysing the operational and financial feasibility of its model using its two-year operational data.

Impact: The manuscript provides insights on an alternative operating model that can be integrated with the existing health systems, public and private, to provide long-term care for chronic diseases where the government can look into contracting services to these models.
Theme: Tackling the challenge of non-communicable diseases
Funder: Pro bono  
Authors: Sarang Deo, Preeti Singh