Integrated use of digital connectivity and data to improve woman and child health

Under this project, MIHM will evaluate the impact of a telemedicine-based intervention and outreach efforts of Karma Healthcare in the areas of its clinical operations. The intervention aims to increase access to formal healthcare in rural areas of India and improve health outcomes of women and children owing to the provision of RMNCH+A services, dedicated awareness through ‘Women and Children focused’ e-Doctor clinics in rural Southern Rajasthan. These e-clinics will serve a population of about 25,000 residents, each focusing on anaemia in women and malnutrition in children. 

Impact: The project aims to provide insights to policymakers on the role of telemedicine to improve healthcare access and improve the health of women and children in low-income groups in LMICs.

Funder: Karma Healthcare Private Limited and UBS Optimus Foundation Grant

Principal Investigator: Professor Sarang Deo

Analysts: Nisha Jain and Abhishek Kumar