Estimating the unit cost for patients under the PPSA (public-private support agency) scheme for TB care 

We are building the framework to perform activity-based costing for the current PPSA (private provider support agency) project targeted at the eradication of TB. We will conduct semi-structured interviews of the involved stakeholders, including NGO staff and programme managers, to understand the roles and activities in the service delivery model. The discussions will allow an assessment of the workload associated with scope (frequency, duration, quality) of the activities. The workload assessment, along with an understanding of the activities undertaken, will be utilised for the costing exercise.

Impact: The project aims to develop a costing tool to help government bodies and NGOs determine the cost of running a PPSA agency in a district. Nuances of the study can be taken up by the Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) to invite implementation agencies in various districts of India.

Theme: Costing of health services

Funder: PATH Foundation

Principal Investigator: Professor Sarang Deo

Analysts: Hemanshu Das and Harsh Parekh