Costing of family planning services and methods in India 

The project calculated the unit cost for two types of service delivery systems i.e. government public health system and social franchising/social marketing system, delivering the family planning interventions namely condoms, pills, IUCDs, Sterilisations for India and estimated the cost of interventions for five years for India (2018-2022). The report on devising facility-based costing of family planning methods to arrive at the resource requirement at the national level to meet family planning goals outlined in Family Planning 2020 policy documents has been submitted.

Impact: The project impacts the public policy  on future planning and better budgeting by the state and central government for family planning interventions. 

Theme: Costing of health services

Funder: Population Foundation of India and Centre for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy

Principal Investigator: Professor Sarang Deo

Analysts: Abhishek Kumar, Alekhya Chaparala, Aakash Raikwar