About the Healthcare Club

The vision of the Healthcare club is to showcase the limitless potential in healthcare space to all students at ISB. We are here to encourage professionals who are part of this industry, and the ones exploring various options in the industry through various functions such as Analytics, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Health-tech, General Management, Product Management and Marketing.
Currently, the club hosts members who bring diverse knowledge in the field of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Healthcare Analytics, Health-IT, Strategy, product development etc.


Objectives of the Club
·      Engage with industry professionals and bring in a broad view of the different sectors in Healthcare and to understand the career perspectives
·      Dissemination of learning from within the group
·      Making the Healthcare Club Members “Industry Smart”

Events & Happenings
What we have in store for the year ahead:

Career Treks & Networking Events
Career Treks & Networking Events provide invaluable opportunities to the students to get their hands dirty; these engagements help students in getting first-hand perspective of the industry, processes & job roles along with the benefits of building professional networks. At Healthcare Club, we are going to conduct treks and events with potential recruiters and leading healthcare companies to help the members build the wealth of new knowledge and get a stronger understanding of what it takes to succeed in business.

Peer Learning Sessions
ISB is a strong proponent of peer-based learning and has incorporated this in the DNA of its learning curriculum. The healthcare club members come from diverse backgrounds and hence peer learning sessions become a great platform for information sharing and skill development. Throughout the year we will be organizing peer learning sessions across a multitude of areas such as analytics, strategy, marketing, product development etc.  

Health-Amp (Speaker sessions)
Health-Amp is one of the fundamental offerings of the Healthcare club where we bring in Industry Leaders, Tech Pioneers, Entrepreneurs, Researchers to talk about their journeys, their perspective on the evolution of healthcare space. This year we will be inviting speakers working in the following areas: Pharmaceutical, Healthcare delivery, Health-tech, Medical Devices etc.
Health 2.0 – India
Health 2.0 has introduced over 750 technology companies to the world stage, hosted more than 25,000 attendees at conferences and code-a-thons, awarded over $9,000,000 in prizes through the developer challenge program. It is one of the most popular healthcare conferences in the world and has local chapter across six continents. ISB takes pride in being the partner host for the Health 2.0 – India Chapter. We are looking forward to an amazing Health 2.0- India conference this year.

Year so far:
·      Rohit Singh, Vice President- Business Development, Nephroplus
·      Dr. Nikesh Shah, Senior Vice President- Research, Cotiviti
·      Dr Mahesh Joshi, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Homehealthcare Ltd.
Peer Learning Sessions:
·      Analytics in Pharmaceutical Industry
       Strategizing in the Healthcare Industry