ISB’s PGP Co ’24: From diverse paths to one extraordinary cohort

By Team Marcomm Jul 10, 2023

A vibrant group of professionals from highly diverse backgrounds converge on our Hyderabad and Mohali campuses to chase their dream of pursuing management education at ISB this year.

Remaining true to the School's legacy, the PGP Class of 2024 is filled with exceptional individuals who have achieved remarkable feats. From defence, sports, medicine, education, law, arts, technology, and more, their diverse experiences and remarkable achievements shape the fabric of our vibrant community.

Within this exceptional cohort, you will find civil servants, space scientists, armed forces personnel, entrepreneurs, and outstanding sportspersons, all making their mark in their respective fields. Moreover, many have dedicated their efforts to creating a positive impact in the non-profit sector, further amplifying their influence beyond traditional boundaries.

Each member of the Class of 2024 brings with them an inspiring story, encapsulating their dreams, aspirations, and the unique journey that led them to ISB.

Join us as we introduce a select group from this extraordinary cohort, showcasing their diverse profiles. Click on the text or images below to delve into their personal stories, and witness the passion, determination, and talent that define the ISB's PGP Class of 2024.


Sunil Korti: In Naval Spirits

After dedicating 23 years of service to the Indian Navy and being awarded the Nao Sena Medal, Captain Sunil Korti, (Retd) embarks on his next life mission...


Surajit Kalita: The Public Servant

Driven by his desire to contribute to the socio-economic development of his home state, Assam, 33-year-old Surajit Kalita achieved his childhood dream...


Manpreet Kaur: Ambitious Change Catalyst

Manpreet's career has always revolved around making things happen. Whether it was implementing the "Make in India" label...


Aparnaa Jain: Impactful Journey

For Aparnaa Jain, 31, making a social impact means extending the help so the benefit reaches the last person in line. Picture this: Aparnaa took on the...


Samar Manimaran: Adaptive Space Innovator

At the awe-inspiring launch pads of Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, 29-year-old Samar Manimaran’s expertise as a System Reliability engineer has...


Shashank Satya Nukala: Guarding Frontiers

Armed with professional experience which displays his exemplary leadership and legal acumen, 31-year-old, Captain Shashank Satya Nukala (retd) is “ready to take a plunge in to the...


Pratham Singh: Player Perfect

Stepping into a new competitive arena, Pratham Singh, a 30-year-old professional cricketer, has embarked on a fresh journey as he joins ISB's PGP Class of 2024...


Suhas Hegde: Versatile Veteran

Serving aboard India's aircraft carrier, Viraat, and actively participating in over 13 international maritime exercises, Suhas Hedge, who reached the rank of...